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rice_loversanon's Journal

Rice Lovers Anonymous
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This community was made to gather those who like love to eat rice. You don't have to be Asian to join, but since it is Asia's staple food supply and rice's origins, we have to recognize and give Asia her proper, all due respect. We don't always talk about rice, itz just the unifying link taht links us all together!And of course like any good community, it has a few rules...

1. Don't discriminate! In other words, be nice to everyone, those who aren't will be banned. Everyone familiar with the three strikes rule?Stabs of fun are accepted. You have to have a sense of humor. This is all for fun.
We dont laugh at you , we laugh with you...if you're not laughing, then we are laughing near you

2. Language can be mildy explicit , but not to be used as a staple part of your vocabulary

3. This is the most important rule of all. this rule overrides other rules as well, if the maintainer sees fit....



It's the AZN nigga f*ck the rest
Dallas to New York jigga we the best
Vietnam to Japan to Mongolia
Philippines to Taiwan to Cambodia
Korea ah ah
Home town China who you got, huh
You got shit nigga feel the size
It's the AZN better recognize

Got rice bitch, got rice
Got food, got soup, got spice
Got brainz like us, got skillz like us
Got carz, got clothz, got girlz like us
What's sup we the shit and we kill ya'll foolz
We got money in the banks from our family jewelz
Can we help it if we rain and corrupt the schoolz
It don't matta fuck the law shit we break the rules
We jack carz fuck games yo we got the toolz
Hoop it up break it down then we go shoot some pool
Fuck with me you fuck with all of us don't think its kool
1 on 1 fuck that it's 3 on 1, no duels

Got rice bitch, got rice
Anything you can show that is nice
Got cats, got roots, got dogs like us
Fuck no, hell no you're white you'll never be like us
Take off your shoes when you enter please
Or crawl around on the floor on with your fucken knees
Don't mind that smell you'll get used to it
Mothballs, Fry squid, and that Buddha shit
What the hell is that, You think I don't see
No forks in the house, chopsticks only
Have a taste, don't be scared to try the lemon tea
You don't want to thats alright try to f*ck hong lee

Got rice bitch, got rice
Got luck anytime you roll the dice
Your luck is bad unless you run and hide
Cause we're thugs for life baby...
Asian Pride!

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